What sets Athena apart from the rest?

What makes Athena so valuable to the public sector is the fact that it was designed specifically for them.
We realise that public sector organisations need top end, bespoke recruitment solutions but do not necessarily have the budget to pay the top end prices that many corporate companies do.
With this in mind, we engineered a way to build bespoke IT solutions at a margin of the cost. Using what we call the ‘lego bricks’ theory, we can build software unique to each organisation both quickly and cost efficiently.

How does Athena work?

Athena is a candidate led recruitment solution, controlled entirely by your HR/recruitment team.
Whilst the candidate has access to their own profile, online forms, booking system etc, HR control and manage the back office.
This means that the often time consuming and manual process of administration is significantly reduced and all candidates are able to enjoy a consistent and supported recruitment process, driven by them.
Other stakeholders involved in the recruitment process can access their own bespoke dashboards giving departments such as recruiting manager, occupational health, fitness, training, etc all the information they need regarding candidates and potential new starters in a quick, easy and efficient way.

What can Athena offer?

Athena is bespoke to you, meaning that you pick and choose exactly what you want included in your
Athena can be accessed from any desktop, tablet or phone. Examples of specific functions Athena can offer you include:
  • Candidate profile access
  • Candidate forms
  • Candidate appointment booking system
  • Specific departmental dashboards
  • Written tests
  • Automated contract generator and distributor
  • Online document library
  • Reference request service
  • Digital auditor
  • Full and systematic reporting function
If you are looking for a complete and holistic system created to support all your unique recruitment needs at a cost designed exclusively for the public sector, look no further.
Request a demonstration or call our office to find out more about how Athena can revolutionise your recruitment.